Juice – How You Gonna Do Me Like That?

2 Dec

My band Juice just released it’s first recorded singleHow You Gonna Do Me Like That? on Soundcloud. The track was recorded by us at Boston College and mixed/mastered by Nick Neve over at Five Ninety Recording. I joined Juice at the beginning of this school year and I have been having a great time ever since. We have been playing lots of shows on campus and we have our first off campus gig booked for Saturday, December 13th at the Middle East Upstairs in Cambridge.

I’m really excited about this track. Despite our amatuer recording skills, I think it turned out well (thanks to audio engineering prodigy Nick Neve). How You Gonna Do Me Like That? has a really original sound that combines groove and hip-hop elements with vocal interplay, harmonies, and scorching violin (and some cool bass lines by yours truly). I think you will enjoy it.

You can also check out a really cool article about Juice written by James Farrell for The Heights, Boston College’s premier campus newspaper.

Thanks for listening

– Rami

P.S. That’s me on the end making the ‘slightly-concerned’ face

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